I gave a talk at the New York R Conference on the API pipeline I set up for figuring out when and where fires happen in New York. You can find video of the talk here.

It’s similar to the …

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The Malort Report

Tweets from the Nemesis twitter by our court stenographers documenting the best tradition ever.


Just 24 minutes until we begin #malortcourt… GET READY
Defense attorney, Kim …
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Drake's Plan

I gave a talk on the drake package for workflow management to the wonderful RLadies of NYC.

In it, we hit the Twitter API to get NYCFireWire tweets, clean the raw tweet data, send the …

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Catching Kareem

Lighting round of basketball analysis!

My friend and coworker Brad, who designed this very blog, is a sports fan and curious person. He wanted to know whether Lebron James is on track to …

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98% green spaghetti, sliced and chopped

This is the latest stop in an analysis tour of free-range menu data.

One of the goals of fishing for real recipes is to be able to suss out patterns in how foods are combined and in what …

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Peeling back The Onion

In this post I’ll programmatically find The Onion article links, scrape them for content, and clean them up into a tidy format. I chose The Onion because while not real news, the site does …

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Scraping Together a Recipe, Episode I

The Internet is full of amazing content. Like these names of actual recipes. Methodology for getting these to follow.

Recipe Name
Sea-Purb Seafood Pasta
Tuna Salad for Grown-ups …
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