Catching Kareem

Lighting round of basketball analysis!

My friend and coworker Brad, who designed this very blog, is a sports fan and curious person. He wanted to know whether Lebron James is on track to …

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98% green spaghetti, sliced and chopped

This is the latest stop in an analysis tour of free-range menu data.

One of the goals of fishing for real recipes is to be able to suss out patterns in how foods are combined and in what …

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Peeling back The Onion

In this post I’ll programmatically find The Onion article links, scrape them for content, and clean them up into a tidy format. I chose The Onion because while not real news, the site does a …

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Scraping Together a Recipe, Episode I

The Internet is full of amazing content. Like these names of actual recipes. Methodology for getting these to follow.

Recipe Name
Sea-Purb Seafood Pasta
Tuna Salad for Grown-ups …
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Scraping Together a Recipe, Episode II

One of the goals here is to see what portion of a menu tends to be devoted to, say, meat or spices or a word that appears in the receipe name etc. In order to answer that, we’ll need to …

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Scraping Together a Recipe, Episode III

Converting to Grams

Rather than rolling our own conversion dictionary, let’s turn to the measurements package that sports the conv_unit() function for going from one unit to another. For …

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