Scraping Together a Recipe, Episode II

One of the goals here is to see what portion of a menu tends to be devoted to, say, meat or spices or a word that appears in the receipe name etc. In order to answer that, we’ll need to …

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Scraping Together a Recipe, Episode III

Converting to Grams

Rather than rolling our own conversion dictionary, let’s turn to the measurements package that sports the conv_unit() function for going from one unit to another. For …

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Food for Thought II -- Building and Testing

Building Menus

Now that we’ve got our data, on to building a daily menu. The only constraint we’ll worry about for now is that menus have to contain at least 2300 calories. Our strategy is …

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Food for Thought III -- Solving

Now that we have a mechanism for building menus, testing whether they’re incompliance, and scoring them, we’ll get to the actual solving of the menus.

Getting a Solution

We’ve got a fixed set …

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Food for Thought IV -- Simulation

Cool, so we’ve got a mechanism for creating and solving menus. But what portion of our menus are even solvable from the get-go? We’ll stipulate that solvable means solvable at a minimum …

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